Friday, August 16, 2013

This Week {Week 31}

    Week 31 {July 28-August 3}

·         This Week I Discovered Instagram Videos!
·         This Week I Took At Least 5 Videos A Day!
·         This Week I Forgot To Take Pictures Instead.
·         This Week Heath & His Dad Grilled Us BBQ Chicken At His Camper & Natalie Only Wanted To Eat The BBQ Sauce.
·         This Week Heath Took Off Work Early To Go Swimming With Me & Natalie For The First Time! #SoExcited
·         This Week Heaths Parents Bought Another Camper & We Helped Them Clean It Out Before They Take It To The Beach.
·         This Week We Had Water Gun Fights.
·         This Week Heath Made Me A Double Decker S’more.
·         This Week We All Sat By The Fire & Played Candy Crush.
·         This Week We Went With Heath To Subways Main Office & Natalie Embarrassed Me In Front Of The Owners. #SillyGirl
·         This Week We Had To Search For A New Internet Solution.
·         This Week Heath Took Us To Zoup For Lunch! #OurFavorite
·         This Week We Took Natalie To The Circus For The First Time!
·         This Week Heath & His Dad Made Us Brunch In The Rain.
·         This Week I Was Late For A Work Meeting. #Whoops!
·         This Week Our Relationship Was Tested #StayingStrong
·         This Week I Took An Afternoon Nap For The First Time In A Long Time & Loved Every Minute Of It!
·         This Week We Had His Parents Over For A BBQ + Ice Cream.
·         This Week We Met Natalies Mom To Drop Her Off & All Sat Down Together.
·         This Week I Got To Mow The Yard! #Relaxing
·         This Week Heath Chopped Down The ‘Ugly Tree’
·         This Week We Enjoyed Time On The Front Porch #Country
·         This Week We Watched Wolverine In Theatres
·         This Week We Slept In For Once.
·         This Week We Ordered Romeos Pizza & Had A Comedy Movie Night #IdentityTheft #ThisIs40

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