Friday, May 3, 2013

Day In The Life {April}

Wow! Look At Me Actually Documenting A Day In The Life *Woot *Woot
It All Started At 9am When I Woke Up To The Sound Of Natalie Asking Over & Over Again "Can I Go Out & See The Frog?" Not To Mention Heath Throwing A Pillow In My Face & Opening Up All The Shades So I'd Get My Lazy Butt Outta Bed :) He Cleaned Up The Camper While I Slowly Got Up & Around (I'm Loving The Relaxed Life At The Campground! I Just Wish It Was Warmer!) We Went On A Ride On The Golf Cart & Made A Few Stops Including Turning Around To Get Our Sunglasses! We Spent Some Time In The Soggy Park With Natalie & She Went Down The Big Slide 50x & Even Attempted To Push Heath & I On The Merry Go Round. We Ended The Golf Cart Ride With Natalie Driving Us Back To The Camper. She Loves To Go Off Roadin' *lol Natalie & I Searched For That Frog We Found Last Night But No Luck.. I Had To Explain To Her That The Frog Went Back Home To His Family & May Be Back To Visit Soon. We Had Some Fun Outside With Pop-Its! She Loved Throwing Them & Even Picked Up The Mess They Made Afterwards! For Lunch We Went To One Of Our Favorite Spots In Canton.. ZOUP! He Tried Pot Pie Soup. Me & Natalie Had Potato Skin Soup. SO GOOD! We Then Attempted A Trip Into Best Buy To Look At TVs For The Camper But Natalie Wasn't Impressed. She Spent A Lot Of Time In The Disney Movie Aisle & Finally Decided She Wanted Peter Pan. We Got It All Set Up For Her In The Escape & Went Into Alliance To Pick Up Medicine For Mimi. It Was A Beautiful Day To Be Out & About! Back At The Camper Natalie Met A New Super Quiet Friend & We All Blew Bubbles. Little Natalie Helped Daddy Clean His Muddy Clothes From The Tough Mudder That He Ran On Sunday. Me & Natalie Took Her Red Bear For A Walk In The Stroller While Heath Did Some Work Around The Camper. We Got Everything Packed Up & Said Our Goodbyes To That Cute Retro Holiday Rambler For A Few Days & Enjoyed A Beautiful Sunset On The Way Home. 

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