Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Week {Week 49}

Week 49 {December 2-8}

·        This Week We Risked Frostbite To Attend The “Light Up Downtown Event” In Canton.

·        This Week We Saw Santa Clause. #SantaRocks

·        This Week We Saw Fireworks. Yes, Fireworks In December.

·        This Week My Wardrobe Had Me Standing Out In The Crowd. #BrightYellowCoat

·        This Week We Watched The Candy Apples Perform In Person... They Are Better On TV. #DanceMoms

·        This Week David Fixed The Lights On The 9’ Christmas Tree We Put Up In The Great Room. #SimpleJoys

·        This Week Our Steelers Shockingly Beat The Ravens In Baltimore. #Black&Gold

·        This Week We Watched The Movie “Man On A Ledge”.

·        This Week It Rained Almost Every Day.

·        This Week Was So Foggy That Each Morning Looked Like A Horror Movie Set. #Creepy

·        This Week I Wore Cheetah Pants. #JustForFun

·        This Week I Slept In Until 11AM. #Lazy

·        This Week I Found Out That I Didn’t Make The PL Creative Team. #PittyParty

·        This Week I Went Into Town To Meet A Friend For Lunch.

·        This Week The Michael Phelps Cardboard Cut Out At Subway Freaked Me Out. #Truth

·        This Week I’ve Been Getting A Lot Of Early Christmas Presents On The Front Porch. #HappyMail

·        This Week Sweets Tried To Sneak Her Favorite Toy Into Her Room. #Kids

·        This Week Sweets Destroyed Her Favorite Toy & We Had To Retire It. #GoodbyeCamel

·        This Week I Survived Two Long Work Days In A Row.

·        This Week Mr. Atlas Mason Arrived In Da House. #ElfOnTheShelf

·        This Week I Got An Extremely Deep, Nearly Bled Me Dry, Almost Fatal… Paper Cut. #Ouch

·        This Week I Started Working On My December Daily. #WingingIt

·        This Week We Cuddled Up To A Scary Movie. #DreamHouse

·        This Week I Cut David’s Hair. #FauxHawk

·        This Week I Worked On My Blog Post While David Played PS3. #TheBestOfTimes

·        This Week I Want To Live Our Lives Out Loud #Matchbox20

·        This Week Mason Climbed A Tree.

·        This Week We Found Mason Hiding On A Shelf. #Forgotten

·        This Week I Finally Had Lunch At Olive Garden.

·        This Week I Went All Out On Outerwear At Old Navy #60%Off

·        This Week We Walked Into Lowes & Walked Out With Only Light Bulbs. #BrightenUpMyLife

·        This Week I Started Decorating For Christmas.

·        This Week I Decided To Put A Christmas Tree In Our Bedroom. Closer Tree Equals Closer Presents, Right?

·        This Week Our House Was A Disaster.

·        This Week I Turned The Music Up In Every Room Of The House. #Cleaning

·        This Week I Found A Hidden Candy Stash…And Then David Found It! #Don’tLayAFingerOnMyButterfinger

·        This Week I Wish I Had A Clone At Work.

·        This Week David Brought Home Groceries. #HelloEggNog!

·        This Week My iPhone Charger Could Bust At Any Moment #WatchOut

#Truth #MyLife

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  1. i loved reading your "This week" seriously im obsessed..i always look forward in reading them =) totally not a creeper lol i just find it so cool and wish i had the time to do exactly what you do..maybe 2013 would be a gret year to do it.i do my project life monthly i just find it easier but hopefully when things settle down (most likely won't is too busy lol) ill be on my A game with it..thanks for inspiring once again. Always fun just to read how much stuff someone does every week..gosh my weeks would probably be a novel long lol