Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Week {Week 48}

Week 48 {November 25-December 1}
·         This Week I Spent Hours Rearranging The Great Room & Setting Up Our 9’ Tree Only To Plug It In & Find Out The Lights Don’t Work. #ChristmasLightsSuck

·         This Week The Steelers Lost To The Brownies & I Don’t Want To Talk About It.

·         This Week I Attended My First Pinterest Party At My Sister In Laws.

·         This Week I Made A Modge Podge Glitter Mess. #CraftFail

·         This Week I Was Almost Licked To Death By Two Puppies.

·         This Week We Watched “The Walking Dead” With Family. #ZombieParty

·         This Week I Devoured 2 Pieces Of Romeo’s Pizza For Dinner. #YumYum

·         This Week Somebody Drove Thru Our Yard Three Different Times. #NotHappyAtAll

·         This Week The Moon Had An Incredible Hint Of Blue Color To It.

·         This Week There Was A Laugh Out Loud Moment When David Opened The Tupperware Cabinet & Half The Tupperware Fell Out At Him. #Ha!

·         This Week I Survived A 9.5 Hour Work Day With No Break.

·         This Week I Almost Cut My Finger Off.

·         This Week David Made A Ham And Two Cheese Panini & Didn’t Want To Share. #Punk

·         This Week I Watched Ohio State Play Duke In College Basketball.

·         This Week I’ve Been Listening To Music Every Chance I Get On DirecTV #Channel818.

·         This Week There Has Been Many Nights Of Gaming/Scrapbooking In A Row. #MyFavorite

·         This Week I Finally Ordered Some Early Christmas Presents From Amazon.

·         This Week I Brought Up The Christmas Boxes From The Basement. Now Someone Needs To Open Them And Put Out The Decorations. J

·         This Week I Watched The Sunrise.

·         This Week I Got A $12 Haircut.

·         This Week I Had A Few Bad Hair Days Working With My $12 Haircut.

·         This Week I Took The Time & Had A 20 Minute Conversation With An Elderly Man At The Car Wash. #MadeHisDay

·         This Week I Went Shopping In Canton. #BigMistake #IHateCrowds

·         This Week I Took Up 2 Parking Spots.

·         This Week I Bought A New Pair Of Colored Jeans. #Red

·         This Week I Wanted To Eat At Olive Garden. #SoNotWorthA45MinuteWait

·         This Week We Were Bad & Had Fast Food Twice.

·         This Week We Got To Go Grocery Shopping Together.

·         This Week I’m Obsessed With Hash Tags. #LoveHashTags

#Truth #MyLife

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