Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Week {Week 6}

Week 6 {February 3-9}

·        This Week We Stayed In Bed Until 1pm. #LazySunday
·        This Week We Watched Our First Super Bowl Game Together.
·        This Week It Snowed A Lot. #Pretty
·        This Week I Spent My Last Night With My Friend. #Bittersweet
·        This Week I Spent Some Time Outdoors With Sweets.
·        This Week I Officially Moved In With My Boyfriend. #Exciting
·        This Week I Drove His ’13 Ford Escape For The First Time. #Smooth
·        This Week He Made Me Dinner. #AmazingCook
·        This Week We Found Natalie Sitting In Her Coloring Box. #SoCute
·        This Week I Watched Natalie For The First Time. #LotsOfFun
·        This Week We Love Lucky Charms #Marshmallows
·        This Week Natalie & I Played At The Park In The Snow.
·        This Week Natalie & I Built Our First Snowman Together Out Of Snow, Sticks & Rocks. #WeCalledHimSticky
·        This Week Natalie Told Her Dad That She Gave The Snowman Ears.
·        This Week Natalie Loves Stickers! #WeFindThemEverywhere
·        This Week I Watched Alice & Wonderland 50x #Memorized
·        This Week I Turned The Big 27!
·        This Week Natalie Sung Happy Birthday To Me Out Of The Blue.
·        This Week My Favorite Song Is ‘Something Good’ By Daughtry.
·        This Week Natalie’s Aunt Heidi Visted.
·        This Week We Relaxed In Bed & Watched Movie Previews Together.
·        This Week We Saw The 3D Movie Hansel & Gretel #Awesome!
·        This Week We Took Our First Photo Together As A Couple. #Shy
·        This Week We Walked Around The Strip Hand In Hand. #Romantic
·        This Week We Went To IHop For The First & Last Time Together. J

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