Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Week {Week 5}


     Week 5 {January 27-February 2}

·          This Week I Had One Of The Best Days Of My Life.
·          This Week He Told Me That He Loves Me For The First Time! #HappySurprise
·          This Week We Slept In Until Noon. #LazySunday
·          This Week We Went To Alliance Together.
·          This Week He Bought Me All My Bathroom Products So I Can Have Stuff At His House.
·          This Week We Had Dinner At The Blue Fig #BadCustomerService
·          This Week We Watched The A Team Together.
·          This Week He Got The New Nickname ‘Face’
·          This Week The Sun Came Out For A Day.
·          This Week I Love Listening To Chris Daughtry.
·          This Week I Took David To Work & Had The Outlander For An Evening.
·          This Week I Spent A Lot Of Day Time At My House Relaxing With Hot Baths & Music.
·          This Week I Drove In Freezing Rain.
·          This Week We Had Homemade Soup For Dinner At His Parents House. #YUM
·          This Week I Taught Him How To Play Words With Friends & Scramble. #IAlwaysWin
·          This Week I Met His Grandma For The First Time & We All Had Dinner At A Local Diner.
·          This Week We Went On A Late Night Walk Thru The Park With Natalie & Her Bike.
·          This Week We Walked To The School & Played On The Giant Map On The Ground & Talked About All The Places We’ve Been & All The Places We Want To Go.
·          This Week We Learned How To Have ‘Me Time’ After Natalie Goes To Bed. Him: Gaming, Me: Scrapbooking
·          This Week I Went To The Bank & Post Office For My Boss At Work.
·          This Week I Went Home & Saw David For A Minute.
·          This Week I Did 4 Loads Of Laundry At Home & Brought Clothes Over To His House.
·          This Week I Watched Shipping Wars With David & Talked As Friends.
·          This Week I Cleaned Up Facebook & Added Him As My New Boyfriend.
·          This Week I Finally Told My Family About The Big Break Up.
·          This Week We Had A Snow Day.
·          This Week We Looked Out The Window & Watched The Snow Fall.
·          This Week I Had A Fun Day Full Of Cartoons, Coloring, Hide n’ Seek & Shadow Puppets.
·          This Week He Made Pork Chops & His Parents Came Over For Dinner.
·          This Week We Were Up At 5am With Natalie Being Sick.
·          This Week We Spent An Entire Day Cleaning Up Throw Up. #PoorKid
·          This Week I Picked Up David From Work & We Had Arbys For Dinner.
·          This Week I Told David About How Serious My New Relationship Was Getting & He Told Me About Monica. #HappyForEachother
·          This Week I Had A Lot Of Things On My Mind & It Showed At Work.
·          This Week I Took A Day To Myself.
·          This Week I Found Out David Has Been Going To The Bar After Work & Then Driving Home. #CallMe #I’llBeYourDesignatedDriverAnytime
·          This Week He Picked Me Up At My House.
·          This Week We Had Dinner At Applebees At Midnight.

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