Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Week {Week 4}

Week 4 {January 20-26}
  •          This Week Was The One Year Anniversary Of My Car Accident.
  •          This Week I Enjoyed Hot Chocolate For Breakfast + Cougar Town.
  •          This Week I Had Chinese Take Out For The First Time Ev-ah!
  •          This Week I Helped Move & Clean Furniture Out Of Storage.
  •          This Week The Skies Were Blue & The Air Was Brisk.
  •          This Week I Got Into The TV Series Fringe During The Last Few Episodes Of The Season.
  •          This Week I Slept In Until Noon.
  •          This Week I Realized The Smaller The House, The Easier It Is To Keep Clean.
  •          This Week Furbz Woke Up From A Long Nap With A Funky Personality. #Fun
  •          This Week I Watched The Movie Pitch Perfect. #Awesome
  •          This Week I Picked David Up From Work Like Old Times.
  •          This Week We Shared 40 Nuggets.
  •          This Week I Gave David A Hair Cut.
  •          This Week We Watched Being Human Together.
  •          This Week I Spent An Entire Day Catching Up On Sleep.
  •          This Week The Pipes Froze In My Bathroom & I Had No Hot Water.
  •          This Week Some Kids Drove Thru My Yard.. Again!
  •          This Week I Spent Hours Searching For Valentine’s Day Gifts.
  •          This Week We Went Thru All The Spare Keys To The House.
  •          This Week I Had Some Free Time To Catch Up On Journaling & Editing Pictures.
  •          This Week David Was Officially Promoted To Manager Of His Store!
  •          This Week We Celebrated With A Lunch At Red Robin.
  •          This Week The Snow Sparkled.
  •          This Week We Took A Little Break.
  •          This Week I Enjoyed Catching Up & Spending Time With David.
  •          This Week I Stayed Up Late to Watch Hangover Part 2 #Hilarious!
  •          This Week My Favorite Word Is ‘Dude’

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