Monday, February 4, 2013

This Week {Week 3}

Week 3 {January 13-19}

·         This Week I Enjoyed Breakfast Together As A Family.
·         This Week We Went To The Grocery Store Together For The First Time.
·         This Week A Stranger Thought I Was A Mom At Auto Zone #FeltGood
·         This Week We Had A Warm Day Of 65*F
·         This Week We Went To The Park For The First Time By Ourselves.
·         This Week I Caught Cinderella At The Bottom Of The Slide 20x.
·         This Week We Saw A Bunny, Squirrel & Ducks!
·         This Week We Pushed Cinderella Around In A Wagon.
·         This Week I Managed To Not Get My White Pants Dirty Playing At The Park.
·         This Week I Spilled Dr. Pepper All Over My White Pants. #Embarrassed
·         This Week I Saved My Favorite White Pants With A Lot Of Scrubbing!
·         This Week I Found My Lost Yoga Pants In The Back Seat Of My Car.
·         This Week I Couldn’t Get Thru A Work Day Without A Mountain Dew Slushy.
·         This Week I Relaxed With A Hot Bath & Silence. #TensionHeadaches
·         This Week I Scrapbooked In My Pink Snuggie.
·         This Week I Ate Cheese Slices From My Fridge.
·         This Week David Made Some Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup.
·         This Week I Was Sick & Still Went To Work.
·         This Week I Got A .35 Raise.
·         This Week David Started Driving His Work Van Home From Work.
·         This Week I Had To Rescue David When He Was Locked Out Of The House.
·         This Week I Watched Amish Mafia For The First Time. #Unreal
·         This Week I Played Hide n’ Seek & Drank Invisible Tea.
·         This Week David Worked On His Day Off Again.
·         This Week We Ate At A Local Diner Together.
·         This Week It Snowed.
·         This Week He Asked Me To Be His Girlfriend #HappyGirl
·         This Week We Saw ‘Jack Reacher’ At The Regal In Akron.
·         This Week We Shared An Appetizer At A Near By Mexican Restaurant.
·         This Week We Looked At RV’s At Midnight.
·         This Week I Worked 5 Days.
·         This Week There Was A Complaint About Subway  Subs Being An Inch Short.
·         This Week We Went Bowling Together For The First Time. 
·         This Week I Got Mad Because I Suck At Bowling.  #Average60

#Truth #MyLife

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