Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Week {Week 2}

Week 2 {January 6-12}

·         This Week I Caught Myself Watching Marathons Of Cougar Town, Sex & The City & Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s #ToMuchTimeOnMyHands

·         This Week I Used The Keurig Machine Twice.

·         This Week I Actually Took The Time To Eat Breakfast.

      ·         This Week We Drove All The Way To Minerva Just To Try The New Loaded Grillers From Taco Bell. #Spicy

·         This Week I Was Surprised To Get A Facebook Message From An Old High School Friend.

·         This Week We Watched Episodes Of Shipping Wars From The DVR Almost Every Night.

·         This Week I’ve Used My Spare Time To Edit & Organize My Digital Pictures.

·         This Week My Very First Studio Calico Project Life Kit Arrived!! #HappyGirl

·         This Week I Completed A Project Life Spread For The First Time In Months.

·         This Week Was My Little Brothers 25th Birthday.

·         This Week David Brought Home Pizza From Hungry Howies.

·         This Week 60 Degree Temperatures And Rain Made All The Snow Melt Away.

·         This Week Felt Like Early Spring. #WarmSunshine

·         This Week David Worked On His Day Off Again #Management

·         This Week I Finally Got Rid Of My Cold. #ForNow

·         This Week I Found An Online Photo Album Of My Biological Father Which Included Many Photos From The Past.

·         This Week Was Emotional For Me.

·         This Week Our Favorite Comedy Shows Started Their New Seasons #NewGirl #RaisingHope

·         This Week I Still Love Hot Bubble Baths & Loud Music.

·         This Week I Only Worked 2 Days #MiniVacation

·         This Week I Went On A Double Date To Macaroni Grill.

·         This Week David Had His First Beer In 6 Years. #Stressed

·         This Week David Picked Up Groceries.

·         This Week I Watched Some Football Playoff Games.

·         This Week I Realized I’m A Complete Homebody & That I’m Totally Okay With That.

·         This Week I Couldn’t Have Gotten Thru Without Inspirational Music & Friends.

·         This Week I Wished I Was At CHA #Someday

#Truth #MyLife

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