Monday, January 7, 2013

This Week {Week 1}

Week 1 {December 30-January 5}

·         This Week I Forgot To Take Pictures. #Really?
·         This Week I Slept In Every Chance I Got. #LazyDayzOfWinter
·         This Week I Was Ecstatic The Steelers Beat The Browns.
·         This Week I Was Disappointed The Steelers Didn’t Make The Playoffs.

·         This Week I Enjoyed Scrambled Eggs For Breakfast.

·         This Week I Stayed Overnight With A Friend.

·         This Week I Figured Out A Way to Still Use Instagram Without Having To Upgrade My iPhone.

·         This Week I Drove During The Snow For The First Time Since My Car Accident. #Scary!

·         This Week I Rang In The New Year With Complete Strangers.

·         This Week I Enjoyed Meatball Subs For Lunch.

·         This Week I Celebrated A Late Christmas With Friends & Family.

·         This Week I Surprised David With Breakfast.

·         This Week I Made A Long List Of New Year’s Resolutions.

·         This Week I Haven’t Been Able To Sleep At Night. #UpLate

·         This Week I Let Sweets Take A Nap With Me.

·         This Week I’m Loving Hot Bubble Baths & Loud Music. #Relaxing

·         This Week I Dried My Hair By Laying Next To The Heater Vent. #Cold

·         This Week I Did 4 Loads Of Laundry Only To Find Out They Were Already Clean; David Had Forgotten To Move Them Out Of The Laundry Room. #AreYouKiddingMe!

·         This Week David Had To Work On His Day Off.

·         This Week I Slowly Started Scrapbooking Again.

·         This Week I Finished Photo A Day For The Entire Year Of 2012! #GoMe!!

·         This Week The Blue Skies Looked Extra Beautiful Against The White Snow.

·         This Week I Made Time To Play Outside In The Snow With Sweets Puppy.

·         This Week I Noticed Our Screen Door Was Tampered With. We Are Worried Someone Tried To Break In! #EEK!

·         This Week I Was Surprised To Receive Happy Mail From An IG Friend In Hungary! #SoSweet!!

·         This Week We Watched 2 Great Comedies Back To Back.

·         This Week The Alarm Clock Didn’t Go Off. #LateForWork

·         This Week David Finally Bought Groceries #NoMoreEmptyCabinets

·         This Week I’m Fighting Getting Sick Again #SoreThroat

        #Truth #MyLife

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  1. just found you from Instagram.....following you on Bloglovin now! i'm starting project life for the first time this year and am super your pages <3