Monday, November 26, 2012

This Week {Week 47}

Week 47 {November 18-24}

·         This Week I Realized How Badly I Need A Hair-Cut.

·         This Week We Watched Our First Christmas Movie Of The Season.

·         This Week We Took A Trip Into Town For Some Good Mood Food.

·         This Week I Applied For The 2013 Project Life Creative Team.

*Fingers Crossed*

·         This Week I Feel Like God Is Still Sending Opportunities My Way.

·         This Week Some Weird Guy Stopped & Asked If He Could Go 
Coon Huntin' On Our Property –No Way!

·         This Week I Had 4 Days Off Of Work.

·         This Week I Fell Asleep In The Warm Sunshine.

·         This Week My Mom Sent Me Her First Picture Text And It Was Her With President Obama! Well, A Life-Like Statue Of Him To Be Exact.

·         This Week We Made The Mistake Of Going Grocery 
                            Shopping The Day Before Thanksgiving.

·         This Week I Feel Happier And More Carefree.

·         This Week We Stayed Up Late Cooking For Thanksgiving.
   -Well, David Did Anyways.

·         This Week We Spent Thanksgiving With David’s Family.

·         This Week We Ate A Lot Of Turkey…

And Ham… And Stuffing… And Pumpkin Pie… And…

·         This Week We Decided To Add ‘Go To Disney Land’ To Our Bucket List.

·         This Week We Enjoyed Hearing David’s Sister Tell Stories About Some Of Emma’s Pets As A Kid.

·         This Week We Consumed Left Overs – And We Still Are!

·         This Week I Spent A Friday Afternoon With David.
–Half Days Are Awesome!

·         This Week I’m Grateful For A Lot Of Things.

·         This Week We Got Our First Snow Of The Season.

·         This Week Ohio State Capped Off A Perfect Season 
By Defeating Our Rival, The Michigan Wolverines.

·         This Week I'm Thankful For Online Communities… I've Made Some Of The Best Friends! I Love Sharing The Joy Of Scrapbooking & Photography
 With Others From All Over The World.

·         This Week I Accidently Came Across The Uber Talented Michael Lotten On You Tube & Now I Listen To His Music Everyday Over And Over And Over!

                                        #Truth #MyLife

**I Plan To Write A 'This Week' Blog Post Every Sunday About The Following Week**

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  1. Love this! Good luck on your design team position! They would be crazy to pass up your talent. I really miss seeing you everyday on in the anything goes thread. Did you know that Quay took it over and is now hosting?!