Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Week {Week 46}

Week 46 {November 11-17}

• This Week We Reunited Our Broken Kirby With A New Belt & Within A Few Hours The Entire House Looks Like We Just Moved In!

• This Week I Nervously Took A Leap & Started My Own Blog.

• This Week We Got A Rare Glimpse Of Warm Sunshine And Decided To Mow The Yard For Fun One Last Time This Year.

• This Week I Felt Incredibly Thankful For All The Veterans, Especially After Crying 5x While Watching The Movie "The Lucky One".

• This Week There Was A Moment When David & I Were On The Edge Of Our Seats & Thought The Steelers Just Might Lose To The Chiefs..
(Thankfully They Didn’t!)

• This Week I Didn’t Like Having To Drive At All.

• This Week I Got A Sudden Burst Of Energy And Rearranged My Entire Scrapbook Room All By Myself.

• This Week David Is Fighting A Cold.

• This Week Sweets Is Chewing Off EVERY Single Cap On EVERY Single Empty 24oz Bottle Of Soda In The House.

• This Week We Thought We Saw Our First Coyote…Turns Out It Was Just The Neighbor’s Dog That Got Loose.

• This Week At One Point We Both Laughed So Hard We Both Cried Without Knowing What Was So Funny.

• This Week We Are Arguing Over Who Loves Who The Most..
–The Best Kind Of Argument.

• This Week We Had A Scramble-With-Friends War Before Bed.

• This Week I Have The Song “Electric Avenue” Stuck In My Head So I’m Sticking It In David’s Too.

• This Week Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches Are David’s Favorite Thing To Make On His New Griddler.. –And My Favorite Thing To Eat!

• This Week I Had A Laugh Out Loud Moment When My Mom Posted A UTube Video On Facebook Of A Song I Use To Blast In My Room As A Teen When I Was Upset.. Turns Out She Really Liked That Song! #Santana

• This Week I'm Thinking A Lot About What I’m Thankful For Everyday.

• This Week I'm Trying To Get Used To The Fact That The Sun Starts To Set Around 5pm And I'm Still Not Getting Used To It.

• This Week I Was Happy To Find That My New Clock Actually Worked Then Annoyed BECAUSE It Worked –Why Are The “Tick Tocks” So Loud?

• This Week We Worried About The Steelers Season Without Ben.

• This Week We Snacked On Peanuts & Candy Corn.

• This Week I'm Taking A Million Photos Of My Project Life Albums Just To See What Photographs The Best.

• This Week We Found Out The New Griddle Grill Isn’t Flat When We Watched Scrambled Eggs Flow Off The Griddle And Into The Grease Trap.

#Truth #MyLife

**I Plan To Write A 'This Week' Blog Post Every Sunday About The Following Week**

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