Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year = New Blog

Happy New Year!! Yeah Yeah.. I Am A Few Days Too Late.. Okay 10 Days To Be Exact. But Here I Am... Attempting To Have My Own Blog. It's Nothing Much Right Now But I Have Big Plans For It In The Future. So I'll Start It Off Right... A List Of My New's Years Resolutions. Here Goes...
Start A Blog *Check*
*Learn To Be Thankful For My Job*Smile More Often*Don't Be Afraid To Speak Up*Be Yourself*Let People In*Get Organized Thruout Your Home, Not Just Your Cove (Scrapbook Room)*Finish Projects*Be Happy With The Things You Have*Go Easy On The 'WANT WANT WANT'*It's Okay To Dream But Remember To Enjoy The 'Right Now'*Love Yourself*Take Care Of Yourself*Get A Healthy Routine*Track The Every Day Life*Enjoy The Little Time You Have With Your Loved Ones*Be Nice, Even When You Feel Your Worst*Don't Blame Others For YOUR Mistakes*Admit When You're Wrong*Don't Worry About What Other's Say Or Think About You, You ARE Loved*Be More Giving*Give More Hugs & Kisses & Less Complaints*Clean Up After Yourself & Others*Simplify Life*Stress Out Less*Don't Take Your Job Too Seriously*Laugh More Often*Enjoy Life*Call Your Parents More*Accept Life's Challenges*Forgive & Forget*Learn From Your Mistakes*Don't Expect Everyone To Be Perfect When You Yourself Are Not*Be Thankful For Where You Are Today*Reflect*Only You Can Take Action*Finish School*Take Photography & Design Classes*Be All That You Can Be :)
*Whew* What A List! I'm Sure There Is A Lot More But Those Are The Top Most Important Things On My Mind. I Hope By The End Of The Year I Can Be The Woman I Want To Be. Thanks For Stopping By!

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